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Hi Joshua! Thanks for linking to your article via Twitter. I really appreciated reading this.

Question for you: Where I live (Vancouver), housing prices are terribly high. What would you say to those expressing concern that higher levels of immigration would fuel housing demand even further, thereby contributing to an increase in prices?

I recognize that part of the reason supply isn't happening quickly enough is partly due to a tight constructing labour market, which immigration can help alleviate. Still, if there were no controls on immigration levels, would we not run the risk of being in a situation where the supply side will never be able to keep up? Similar pressures on schools and other public services come to mind (i.e. not enough spaces).

Anyway, eager to read your response, as I'm pro immigration on moral grounds, but the economic side has me somewhat perplexed.


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Wow. This article, again, is super powerful and I am really inspired by it.

I just want to shove it in every single person's face \o/

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