Dec 20, 2022Liked by Joshua Collins

Wheee, thank you all so much for these updates and your wonderful work overall, all-year round. :)

(Talking about all-year round: Aren't you sailing into 2023, instead of into 2022? Or does the Good Ship Capybara have time travel capabilities - that would be awesome!)

Personally, I prefer written pieces over podcasts - somehow I just never really get around to listening to podcasts, while reading your written articles has the nostalgic vibes of sitting down and reading an actual newspaper (like the kind that used to be printed on dead trees - do those even still exist?)

Regarding topics I think you all are doing super well, and I am very interested in the mix between grassroots reporting from actual people on the ground intersecting with news about the activities of various politicians. It brings this whole feeling of there being a large society full of actual people, living their lives and having opinions and driving change, and yeah, that is great - keep going! :)

If there was anything I would like to see move coverage of, it might be more positive stories as well. Like, I understand that there is a lot of crap happening in the world, but I assume there are also some nice things going on every once in a while, and I think I would thoroughly enjoy also reading about those.

Have a lovely break and looking forward to next year with you - whichever year it might be! ^-^

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