Jul 16, 2022Liked by Paulo Rosas Chávez, Joshua Collins

Very good article Paulo. Parallels can be drawn between the situation of the Mapuche and the struggle of the Palestinian people for statehood. I also laughed at the piece at the end about the Coypu. Did you know that there are also Coypu in the Norfolk Broads, a Lakeland area in the East of England? They were originally brought in to (I think) keep the population of mink under control. But things got out of hand and the Coypu population itself exploded. There are now "Coypu Patrol" trucks to be seen in the Broads area. At first I thought it was a joke, but it's deadly serious as the Coypu are killing off a lot of indigenous species. Keep up the good work! John Booth (Amy's dad).

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