Sitemap - 2022 - Pirate Wire Services

Pirate Wire Services Sails into 2023: a Recap, and a message from our crew

The Ship's Log: In Colombia, The Ministry of Equality is now a reality

Controversy over Petro’s plan to release jailed protesters ignores police impunity for their own crime

Honduras declares State of Emergency as gang extortion intensifies

Colombia sees a wave of violence against girls

Debt for climate swaps in Latin America: green new future or load of hot air?

The Ship's Log: Colombia's gangsters are getting guns from the army

"Latin America is very attached to Lula being able to recover a leadership condition"

Colombian President Petro's Peace Plan Prompts Parlay with Venezuela's Maduro

The Ship’s Log: At Bolivia’s Blockades

In Nicaragua, exile, silence and repression is the cost of voicing opposition

“Devastated. I’m destroyed”— asylum seekers trapped by Biden’s Title 42 policy wonder what comes next

The Ship’s Log: Someone "killed" Castillo, Fujimori and 1300 others

Death threats against journalists and rising violence in Rosario, Argentina

Gang truce in Colombia’s largest port is a sign of peace

Oil spills and state neglect: dozens of Amazonian communities left without water in the Peruvian jungle

An Open Venezuelan-Colombian border is bad news for armed groups, but don't schedule the victory celebrations yet

Brazilian elections: Amazon, women's rights and gun control on the ballot

On the Trail of Blood Gold in Colombia

Newsflash: It’s Pirate Wire Services’ birthday!

“We were centimetres from civil war”: attempted murder of VP Kirchner rocks Argentina

The "humane security" of the Petro Government: between the possible and the impossible

The Ship’s Log: Argentina’s Vice President and the “Media Firing Squad”

Crisis in Cristo del Consuelo: bloody bombing reveals the growing power of narcos in Ecuador

How a historic sword tells the story of Colombia’s new president

Superminister to the rescue? Argentina appoints another new economy lead

The Ship’s Log: Human rights journalism, like medicine, should do no harm

Colombia’s largest gang has put a $4,000 bounty on police officers

Colombia’s new Congress is the most diverse ever: Can they implement Petro’s ambitious reforms?

Ship's Log: Brief Encounter: Peru's Minister of Love is Gone with the Wind

El pueblo mapuche, Boric y la nueva Constitución: 4 preguntas para entender el conflicto entre el Estado chileno y la etnia indígena

The Mapuche People have been in conflict with the Chilean State for decades. Why?

Will the departure of Argentina's economy minister push it "over the edge"?

Ship's Log: Violence is rising against LGBTIQ+ in Colombia

Truth Commission Report shines light on Colombian government atrocities

Ecuador National Strike - PWS PODCAST

A Love Letter to two Colombias

Colombia elects first leftist President in its history!

This Argentine "university" was actually a crypto ponzi scheme

La defensa del medio ambiente no es una decisión personal. La sociedad misma debe volverse ambientalista si esperamos sobrevivir" - una conversación con Francia Márquez

“Becoming an environmentalist wasn’t a personal choice for me. Society Itself must become environmentalistic if we hope to survive” — a conversation with Francia Márquez

A journalist and an Indigenous specialist vanish in Brazil's Amazon. Why?

The Ship's Log: Argentina’s Javier Milei: come for the hair, stay for the organ trafficking

Who the *BLEEP* is Rodolfo Hernandez? The possible next president of Colombia

Elections in Colombia: the big explainer

As elections near in Colombia, some politicians chart a decidedly xenophobic tack

Finding the "Disappeared"- a search for reconciliation in Colombia

Will the US start buying Venezuelan oil again?

War During Peace-Time in Colombia

Shooting of Chilean journalists underscores challenges for president Boric

The Protests that changed Colombia

Ship's Log: In Colombia, neonazi discourse fosters violence against the LGBTIQ+ community

Journalists flee El Salvador amid Bukele's Tyranny of Censorship (BTC)

Fraud allegations are the new black?

Ship's Log: Francia Márquez gives Black youth a chance to dream in Colombia

Protests in Peru: right-wing resistance or popular demonstrations?

Treatment of Ukrainians at the US border raises perceptions of racism in migration policy

La detención de manifestantes anti-FMI es una señal de criminalización de la protesta en Argentina

Detention of anti-IMF protesters signals criminalization of protest in Argentina

Podcast: How can media report violence well?

En Latinoamérica, el Día Internacional de la Mujer es más relevante que nunca

In Latin America, International Women’s Day is more relevant than ever

El 'Paro Armado Nacional' del ELN demuestra su creciente poder

‘National Armed Strike’ by Colombian rebel group demonstrates their growing power

Ship's log: Slow Journalism in a fast world

Pedro Castillo: ¿se puede gobernar el Perú con cuatro jefes de Gabinete en 7 meses?

Peru’s Pedro Castillo has had four cabinet chiefs in seven months

Will Bolivia’s ex-interim president be convicted of coup-mongering?

Why you don’t want to be a Venezuelan migrant right now

Life During Wartime: the Log from Arauca

As Ortega cements his power, Nicaraguans wonder ‘Is there an Escape?’

The Ship’s Log: Argentina’s economic crisis is slow violence

How massive power cuts are heating up Argentina’s climate change conversation

Dollarization and the Venezuelan supermarket myth

Just months before elections, Colombia's shadow war rages on

The Latin America stories we're watching in 2022